h264 helps filmmakers, producers and distributors showcase their works by getting them onto video-on-demand platforms and television channels to reach a global audience.

We make digital distribution simple and accessible by connecting films and audiences. Every film is unique and so is every streaming platform.

Our network of partner platforms makes it possible for Quebec cinema to reach the international market and allows films from all over the world to find a foothold in Quebec and Canada. Our expertise also includes the rediscovery and accessibility of forgotten gems as well as cult classics that are not done finding new audiences to inspire.

Our recent research in discoverability has paved the way for the development of new tools and a new practice that increases content visibility and recommendation in a context where relationship with audiences is made more complex by algorithms.

We seek to find unforgettable films and make them available, regardless of their length or form, whether classic or unusual!


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    Saint-Martyrs of The Damned
    My Donkey, My Lover & I
    The Noise of Engines
    Da Yie
    The Other Rio

    What is an aggregator?

    An aggregator is a gatekeeper bridging film distributors and streaming platforms to better distribute content online.