h264 is a short and feature film distribution studio which selects works and supports filmmakers and artisans in Quebec, Canada  and internationally.

With its integrated model, the studio has distributed several successful films, including two Oscar®-nominated films. It is h264’s practice to only support a limited number of films per year, as we think up innovative strategies tailored to each film, from screenplay to digital release.

Editorial line

We seek to collaborate with filmmakers who are dedicated to creating bold and innovative films in all forms and genres, whether they are fiction, documentary or animated films.

We believe in a cinema that acts as a reflection of ourselves and our society: a complex and diverse world. We strive to support filmmakers from Quebec and around the world and are specifically committed to highlighting emerging filmmakers and voices from underrepresented or marginalized communities.

We believe that distribution should serve and reflect this cinema.

Selection criteria :

  • Originality
  • Quality
  • Distribution potential
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
I Promise you Paradise
Hard Shell Soft Shell
Mistral Spatial
Where Rabbits Come From
The Fading