Documentary — Canada — 2019 — 81 min
Color | English, Mandarin, Hokkien, French with English and French subtitles | 1.78 | 5.1


Filmmaker Emily Gan films her father, Howard, as he takes on an unusual project: returning to his home village in Malaysia to build a habitat for swiftlets. The birds’ nests, made from their saliva, are a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. Howard hopes to leave a legacy for his descendants, but will the birds come? Cavebirds explores a father-daughter relationship, links between family and tradition, and issues around migration. Gan takes us inside her soft-spoken father’s world, with scenes of family life, interviews and poetic visions captured on bird farms. A poignant film that heralds the emergence of a talented young filmmaker.

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  • Direction and production : Emily Gan
  • Direction of photography : Emily Gan et Thomas Kimmerlin
  • Editing : Emily Gan
  • Sound design : Christian Olsen
  • Sound mix : Christian Olsen
  • Original score : Emily Gan
  • HotDocs, 2019 *Emerging Canadian Filmmaker Award
Cavebird - Documentary film by Emily Gan - Official poster