Exile to the Wild West


Documentary — Canada — 2018 — 60 min
Color | French with English subtitles


Canada, Iqaluit…
They arrive on an island of rock, close to the arctic circle, with the desire to start over. The Great North is supposed to be a place where their lives can lay fallow. The hope is to eventually leave and begin anew. Instead, they cannot leave. They never leave.

Regardless of whence they came, or what they did, they are now taxi drivers in a city surrounded by impenetrable snow. Alone behind the wheel, they drive night and day in literal circles around the “ring road”, a loop of asphalt around ten kilometers long. The hours are long, and the redundancy is broken only by the time spent thinking of the life that awaits them back south.

Exile to the Far West is a story of solitude and hope set in a frozen land.

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  • Director and script: Sophie Fortier
  • Production: Philip Kalin-Hajdu and Yanick Létourneau (Périphéria Productions)
  • Director of photography: Donat Chabot
  • Editing: Aube Foglia and Catherine Legault
  • Sound design: Patrice Leblanc
  • Mixing: Luc Bouchard
  • Sound recording: Sophie Fortier
  • Original score: Christ
  • Traces de Vie Film Festival, 2018 *Blaise-Pascal University Award
  • Rendez-vous Quebec Cinema, 2019
  • Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois et Francophone in Vancouver, 2019
  • Sherbrooke World Film Festival, 2019
Exil au Far West, un film de Sophie Fortier