Seducing Doctor Lewis


Fiction — Canada — 2003 — 108 min
Color | French with English subtitles


In the little harbour village of St-Marie-La Mauderne, the vanishing fish stocks have plummeted a once thriving community into decline, forcing the fishermen to rely on government welfare. When a small company considers building a factory on the island, the inhabitants see an opportunity for the village to be restored to greatness. But the factory cannot be built without a resident doctor. Seeking to attract the young Doctor Lewis (David Boutin), Germain (Raymond Bouchard) spearheads the transformation of the village. It’s the beginning of the seduction. From the women’s dress code to the food, even the patient’s illnesses, everything is done with the soul purpose of pleasing the doctor. While sometimes ruthless and often clumsy, even the most disillusioned villagers rally to the cause. The entire village works harmoniously and with great dedication towards trying to convince the doctor that St-Marie-La-Mauderne is the ideal place to live.

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  • Bruno Blanchet
  • Raymond Bouchard
  • David Boutin
  • Benoit Brière
  • Pierre Collin
  • Clémence Desrochers
  • Rita Lafontaine
  • Marie-France Lambert
  • Lucie Laurier
  • Donald Pilon
  • Ken Scott


  • Direction : Jean-François Pouliot
  • Writing : Ken Scott
  • Production : Roger Frappier et Luc Vandal (Max Films inc.)
  • Direction of photography : Allen Smith
  • Production designer : Normand Sarrazin
  • Editing : Dominique Fortin
  • Sound design : Marcel Pothier
  • Mixing : Michel Descombes et Réjean Juteau
  • Original score : Jean-Marie Benoit
  • Director’s Fortnight – Cannes, 2003
  • Atlantic Film Festival d’Halifax, 2003 *Audience Award
  • Montreal Comedy Festival Just for Laughs, 2003 *Audience Award
  • Namur International Festival of French-Speaking Film, 2003  *Golden Bayard – Best film
  • Sundance Film Festival, 2004 *World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award
  • Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival,  2004 *Grand Prize
  • Boston Independent Film Festival, 2004 *Audience Award
  • Genie Award,  2004 *Best cinematography
  • Jutras Awards, 2004 *Best supporting actress and actor,  Best cinematography, Best editing, Best costume design, Best sound
  • Victoria Independant Film & Video Festival, 2004 *Audience Award
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