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Short Film – Québec – 2023 – 13 min
Color | French English subtitles | 2:35 | 5.1


When Ryan and his imaginary friend JO embark on their ultimate adventure together, Ryan is forced to confront his worst fear.


Ryan S. Hill, Beaver Sheppard, James Da Ponte, Oliver Koomsatira, Britanny Drisdelle, Sylvia Stewart, Kyle Allatt


DIRECTOR : Didier Charette
WRITER : Didier Charette & Matt Leslie
PRODUCERS : Jerome Couture et Didier Charette (Cinélande)
PRODUCTION DESIGN : Hughes Letellier & Max Normand
SOUND DESIGN : René-Pierre Guerin
EDITING : Paul Jutras, Ludauvick Geoffroy & Mathieu Lebel
MUSIC : Philippe Brault

Director statement

I’m very excited to share my first short film, it is a very personal story and the first time I truly feel a project is aligned with my voice. I’ve put everything into my project over the last two years. I’ve been doing a lot of documentary, working in television, music videos and advertising for the last 10 years and I never found the confidence to finally take the big leap into making fiction. I guess COVID was good for one thing at least. I feel very lucky that so many people decided to help me make it come to life. I was allowed the opportunity to use a virtual production studio in Montreal, it was the first time the technology was used for a film here. Needless to say we had to roll up our sleeves, every person involved on the project was playing with virtual production for the first time. I hope you’ll enjoy.


Didier Charette is notorious for flipping snowmobiles, crashing drones, delaying flights and also writing about himself in the third person.
He grew up in his uncle’s video store in Hawkesbury, Ontario, where his love for film was sparked. 
While studying at the University of Montreal in Communications, he realized he could hack his way into working in the world of media. That’s exactly what he did. First hosting radio shows, then landing a director/producer/host job for a TV show showcasing Canadian indie music. Then, he rode his skateboard across Québec for a travel show. Didier developed his skills as a storyteller while directing music videos; he was nominated for several awards including Best director at the 2017 MuchMusic Video Awards, IDFA and the Prism Prize for his project with electronic producer CRi. He was also nominated for several awards in television and advertising for his unique genre-bending approach.

IF is his first short film. It is the most personal project that he has written and directed to date. His love for the medium and his technical skills acquired over the last 10 years were put to the test with his film. He is currently developing feature film projects and hopes his short film will spark curiosity towards his vision.


First Film


Festival REGARD, Mars 2023

Gala Prends Ça Court!, Mars 2023

Indy Shorts, 2023


Les Percéides, 2023

Off-Courts Trouville, 2023

Filmoramax, 2023