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Never Steady, Never Still


Short Film – Canada – 2015 – 18:24 min
Color | English | 2:35:1 | Dolby SRD


Shouldering a heavy secret, a young lease-hand returns from Alberta’s oil fields to his childhood home on Lillooet Lake, where he finds solace in the strength of his recently widowed mother.

  • Toronto International Film Festival, 2015


  • Dylan Playfair
  • Tina Hedman
  • Parris Juray
  • Philip Granger
  • Beverley Elliott


  • Screenplay: Kathleen Hepburn
  • Director: Kathleen Hepburn
  • Production: Tyler Hagan, James Brown (Christie Street Creative, Experimental Forest Films)
  • Cinematography: Ryan Flowers, Jeremy Cox
  • Editing: Simone Smith
  • Music: Ben Fox

Kathleen Hepburn is a Vancouver born writer and director, and a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s 2014 Writer’s Lab. Her debut feature screenplay, Never Steady, Never Still, was awarded both the WIDC Feature Film Award and Best Screenplay at the 2014 Vancouver Women in Film Festival. Her short works, which have screened at festivals across North America, draw from fragmented memories, personal histories, and a deep connection to landscape. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing, and a BFA in Film Production from the Universities of Guelph and Simon Fraser respectively. She currently lives with her partner and two dogs on the rainy west coast.


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Never Steady, Never Still (short) – 2015

  • Toronto International Film Festival, 2015

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