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Short Film – Quebec – 2019 –  15 min
Color | French with English subtitles | 1.66:1 | 5.1

Alex, a six-year-old boy from Quebec, is oblivious to the thousands of refugees entering Canada illegally to avoid deportation. Yet when his father takes him along to a vigilante patrol in the woods to hunt out trespassing migrants, something inside him tells him to rebel.

Édouard-B. Larocque, Émile Schneider, Sasha Migliarese, Jean-Nicolas Verreault


DIRECTOR : Pier-Philippe Chevigny
PRODUCER : Geneviève Gosselin-G. (Unité Centrale)
CINEMATOGRAPHY : Gabriel Brault-Tardif
SOUND : Jean-Sébastien Beaudoin-Gagnon
EDITING: Pier-Philippe Chevigny


In 2017 began an ongoing migrant crisis in Quebec, with thousands of refugees from all over the world crossing the border into Quebec illegally. In 2018, after decades of leftist politics, Quebec elected its first right-wing government in over half a century. All the while, Quebec has seen the rise of several far-right anti-immigration groups, whose radical agenda has become increasingly mainstream in the last few years, thanks in no small part to social media. Rebel is the result of a two-year research on a handful of these groups. Although my disagreement with them couldn’t be clearer, my intent was not to demonize the citizens who identify with those ideas (many of whom I count as friends and family), but to empathize with their victims. Anticipating how the situation could degenerate a few years down the road, I invite the viewer to share the point of view of Alex, a naive six years old boy, oblivious to the world changing around him. At first, like him, the viewer won’t really know what’s going on. As the situation becomes clearer for the boy, things start to make sense for us, too: elusive close ups give way to wider angles, long takes are given cutaway shots that reveal what the adults are really doing out there in the woods. In the end, it envisions Alex’s youthful empathy as a glimmer of hope in such dark times.


Pier-Philippe Chevigny is a young filmmaker from Montreal, Quebec. His films share a common signature, combining sociopolitical subject matter with suspenseful writing and intense, often frantic camerawork. For the past few years, his short film have garnered international attention, with Tala (2013) scoring a deal with European broadcaster ARTE and Vétérane (2017) selected in numerous prestigious festival including Winterthur and Mecal Pro. With his latest short Rebel (2019) competing at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, Pier-Philippe is currently finishing the script for his first feature length movie.




RICHELIEU | In development.
Feature film. Unité centrale.

REBEL | 2019
Fiction. 15 minutes. Unité centrale.

HAMECON | 2019
Documentary. 15 minutes.

Fiction. 15 minutes. DAVAI.

LA VISITE | 2015
Documentary. 8 minutes. Films Six.

TALA | 2013
Fiction. 13 minutes. Films Six.

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Fiction. 17 minutes. Films Six.

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  • Joey Awards, 2020 *Best Actress in a Short Film, 5-9 years old (Ines Feghouli)
  • Corto Weekend, 2020 *Best Fiction Short Film *Best Actor
  • Roma Prisma Independent Film Awards, 2020 *Best Short Film *Best Cinematography *Best Editing
  • European Cinematography Awards, 2020 *Best Film of the Month
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