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h264 acquires Fragments Distribution


h264 acquires Fragments Distribution and gets into feature film distribution

Montreal, May 18th, 2021. Jean-Christophe J. Lamontagne and Stéphanie Demers are proud to join forces to acquire Fragments Distribution’s catalogue and launch a new branch dedicated to feature films. This division will be spearheaded by both partners within the h264 umbrella.


Aside from carrying on Fragments’ mission, this partnership will help support filmmakers in their transition from short to feature films. In addition to the short film distribution, aggregation and discoverability activities, this division will benefit from the synergy of acquired expertise while ensuring continuity of the editorial line.


“The idea of being able to accompany creators throughout their career, from short to feature film, has been a dream of ours for a long time. We believe that feature films are a continuation of what we have built at h264. That is why Stéphanie Demers is the best suited partner for this next endeavour. Her unique expertise in distribution and her approach to collaborating with filmmakers at Fragments is perfectly aligned with our vision of distribution at h264.”

– Jean-Christophe J. Lamontagne, President and Founder, h264


Founded by François Delisle, Fragments has been led by Stéphanie Demers since 2017. Over the years, the company has championed several singular projects, including Jonah Malak’s documentary DAVE NOT COMING BACK, Rodrigue Jean’s L’ACROBATE, Alexa-Jeanne Dubé’s BKS and François Delisle’s CHSLD.


“With Fragments, I wanted to freely explore new distribution experiences by releasing each film with a unique angle. Over the years, we’ve managed to pull our weight which allowed us to dedicate our attention to films that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Today, it is important to me that this adventure does not come to an end, and I am confident that Jean-Christophe and Stéphanie will ensure the continuation of this mission with flying colours.”

– François Delisle, filmmaker and President of Fragments Distribution


“I am honoured to carry on Fragments’ mission by partnering up with the h264 team. I take it as an opportunity to surround myself with a team whose skillset are complementary to mine in a desire to offer a unified distribution model. The many digital initiatives represent wonderful opportunities to promote Quebec films. We’re also working to get audiences to reclaim the movie theatre, the ultimate space where to enjoy our cinema. There is a true cinephilia in Quebec and we wish to reach different audiences in all their uniqueness.”

– Stéphanie Demers, Vice-President and Associate, h264 (Feature Film)


Stéphanie has 12 years of experience in distribution, notably as part of Les Films Séville and Fragments Distribution. During this period, she orchestrated over a hundred marketing campaigns and worked on the promotion of numerous Quebec, foreign and American films, including Xavier Dolan’s Mommy, Jean-François Pouliot’s Snowtime! and the four instalments of the Hunger Games franchise. In parallel, Stéphanie is a co-founder of the AIME TON CINÉMA showcase and a member of the CRCQ (Comité de relance du cinéma au Québec), sits on the PCCQ’s (Prix collégial du cinéma québécois) and the RDIFQ’s (Regroupement des distributeurs indépendants de films du Québec) boards of directors.


h264 is the distributor behind hit films such as Jeremy Comte’s Fauve and Marianne Farley’s Marguerite, both of which were nominated at the 2019 Academy Awards®. Short films are exceptional incubators for talent and creativity; they are essential to the vitality of feature films. For its part, the aggregation component has helped develop a network of partner platforms that makes it possible to promote Quebec films on an international scale, not just those in h264’s catalogue. Its recent research and initiatives in discoverability has paved the way for the development of new tools and a new practice that increases content visibility and recommendation in a context where relationship with audiences is complexified by algorithms.


This acquisition takes place in a context where film distribution is undergoing major upheavals, exacerbated by the current pandemic situation. h264 is already actively participating with major players to define a distribution model where our cinema can reach its audience, at any time, regardless of its location, and thus revitalize the consumption of cultural content.


h264 aims to support a handful of films each year, as to craft innovative strategies tailored to each film, from screenplay to digital release. Its first feature film, VERY GOOD DAY by Patrice Laliberté (THE DECLINE), will be released in theatres across the province in early 2022.


This project benefited from SODEC’s entrepreneurial development assistance.


About h264

h264 is an integrated distribution studio supporting filmmakers and producers in the distribution of short films, feature film, aggregation, and discoverability. This one-of-a-kind studio has distributed several successful films including two recent Oscar®-nominated films. h264 wishes to support a handful number of films per year and developing innovative strategies tailored to each film, from screenplay to digital release.


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